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The about me pages always make me cringe. The thought of having to “boast” myself is always funny to me but here we go…


I am a wife, mama, and an entrepreneur at heart who is passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs thrive in their dreams. Whether you are starting up, you’ve established yourself or simply are in the dreaming stages, I want to be right there with you.


Having being in the small shop realm for over 5 years, the growing pains and the learning seemed like fastballs and curveballs left and right. After having to be self-taught most of my way, and fail a couple of times, I became passionate about helping other women find their way and giving them a helping hand. I explored, got certified and now work hand in hand with some of the best brands and women I’ve ever met.


Through Elsie Calo Creative, I now successfully help women elevate their brands through brand management, optimization and more. No matter what your journey looks like, I want to cheer you on!

now is the right time!

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